serious sandler

Love this trailer, not sure if 'Uncut Gems' will hold up but hopefully it will. It's time for serious cinema. Reality shows and marvel movies have had their day.

I've watched 'The Irishman' twice in two days. Every detail in every set and costume in that film is on point. Like Pacino said, great art direction is about making dozens of creative decisions; the audience only notices a few details. And it is nice to watch a movie with interesting dialogue again.

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programming throwdown

Programming Throwdown is a great way to survey the many different threads in contemporary computer science. I listen in while cooking in the kitchen.

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Monday Music


aika Loubté's 'Snappp' with New Optimism is new pajama rock. I also have been listening a little bit to Greyhounds, a soul/blues band out of Austin. Their background dancer is something else - apparently he's also their tour manager.

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here is only one Sleater-Kinney. I think its fair to say I'm a superfan. I saw them play for maybe 7 people on a weekday night at the 40 watt club in the mid 90's. I told Carrie that story; she laughed and said "that was a long time ago!" I've seen them 7,8 times... lost count. Saw them again on Halloween at the Hammerstein Ballroom. One of the best rock and roll bands.

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song of the summer


very September my buddy Alex and I have a lengthy discussion about what was the song of the summer. 'Despacito'... 'No dude, Blurred Lines...' Well, this year it wasn't clear. Apparently the chicken sandwich was the pop culture moment. But I heard this tune the other day and Miley Cyrus may be a contender.

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