song of the summer


very September my buddy Alex and I have a lengthy discussion about what was the song of the summer. 'Despacito'... 'No dude, Blurred Lines...' Well, this year it wasn't clear. Apparently the chicken sandwich was the pop culture moment. But I heard this tune the other day and Miley Cyrus may be a contender.

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Bounty Hunters

Before you get swept up with Mandalorian fever, take a look at Joe Morgan's famous interview with the prolific bounty hunter David Schultz; on why they always call mama. It's not all moonbeams and lollipops.

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took quick trip to Texas Hill Country for my Cousin Stuart's wedding. Then, my return flight was cancelled so I spent an extra day checking out Austin. I've been there about ten times over the years; Austin grew up fast. My Aunt Nancy was a programmer at IBM in Austin in the 80s. I got to check out Zilker Park again, one of the coolest parks.

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the velvet rope


he Studio 54 documentary was everything I needed it to be, filling in the gaps. It described the fun, escapism and artistry of Studio 54; how disco led Ian Schrager to boutique hotels... I stayed in La Montrose in Beverly Hills last week, it was fabulous. Said hi to Killer Mike out front and ubered to an interview on Sunset. Now I'm back in my own backyard - trying to get a billboard on the boulevard....

My buddy Turner and I tried to get into Marquee years ago, fresh out of art school. The bouncer came outside, around 1 am, no one else even remotely nearby. Just us two standing there and he gave us the velvet rope treatment. He wore a suit, chuck taylors, and for some reason - bicycle gloves. I forgot what he said but we didn't get in. I shrugged it off, but Turner remembered it better than I did. He grew up in Hollywood so he found the situation amusing.

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just like music

Two of my favorites here - Harry Connick and Jon Baptiste. I was lucky to have grown up in the South Louisiana musical tradition. I've met Wynton Marsalis a few times, but never Harry Connick Jr. His dad was the D.A. in New Orleans. My dad played the trombone when I was a kid.

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