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the velvet rope


he Studio 54 documentary was everything I needed it to be, filling in the gaps. It described the fun, escapism and artistry of Studio 54; how disco led Ian Schrager to boutique hotels... I stayed in La Montrose in Beverly Hills last week, it was fabulous. Said hi to Killer Mike out front and ubered to an interview on Sunset. Now I'm back in my own backyard - trying to get a billboard on the boulevard....

My buddy Turner and I tried to get into Marquee years ago, fresh out of art school. The bouncer came outside, around 1 am, no one else even remotely nearby. Just us two standing there and he gave us the velvet rope treatment. He wore a suit, chuck taylors, and for some reason - bicycle gloves. I forgot what he said but we didn't get in. I shrugged it off, but Turner remembered it better than I did. He grew up in Hollywood so he found the situation amusing.

Posted Monday March 4, 2019.

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