Codex Leceister


eonardo has always been interesting to me to (along with Michaelangelo, Donatello, Rafael and Splinter). Although like most people I've spent time looking at the Sistine Chapel, but never understood the full scope of Leonardo's work. I like how he relates machines to the human figure, I spent a lot of time studying figure drawing at Pratt, more from a muscular, skeletal standpoint than the nervous system or psychological. It helped me learn animation. Looking forward to the Codex Leceister.

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Best of the best


op Five athletes Iíve seen compete in person. As in actually at the arena, not on TV. Iím probably forgetting a few.

Honorable Mention: Nolan Ryan, Javy Baez, Mary Lou Retton, Greg Louganis, Derek Jeter

5. Leonard Fournette
4. Lebron James
3. Chris Jackson (now named Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf)
2. Shaquille O'Neal
1. Edwin Moses

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from the abstract


This is a creative business. This business is a business that deals with intellectual property; that deals with nuance, hue, tone, so many different variables that aren't concrete. But yet still they're trying to reduce it to data. And as long as they continue to do that... they're always going to be trying to catch up. You have to be in partnership with artists - not just Chevrolet, McDonalds..." - QTip

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was ecstatic when the Giants drafted Odell Beckham. He did amazing things in college - caught kickoffs one handed, ran back field goal attemps for touchdowns, all the swagger one expects from an L.S.U. tiger. Then I saw him chilling at the alumni crawfish boil - he was a cool dude. He's fun to watch that's for sure.

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spooky jet


ooking at Prospect Park on mapsterious I discovered this spooky jet occlusion. #mysteriesOfTheUnknown

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ew updates at mapsterious ... I've added filtering, slide shows and a search input. The front end was rebuilt with vue.js, the backend is built with flask. I have a few more ideas for new features... if you like it or have any suggestions please leave a comment.

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